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MW Metal Industry Limited / MW Stainless Steel industry limited, is a leading manufacturer of high-quality welded stainless steel tubes. We own three production plants and one sales center. The whole scale of ornamental tube/industrial pipe/sanitary pipe plants reach 30000 square meters, and total annual output of different tubes and pipes reaches 20000 tons.

With 20+ years of experience, MW have established ourselves as a trusted source for a variety of markets. We offer a broad range of welded stainless steel pipes and tubes, providing customized sizes and shapes to meet our customers' specific needs, including material of grades 304/304L/316L/409L/430/439/441/200 series and duplex stainless steel, covering different standards of ASTM A554/A249/A269/A270/A789 and EN 10296-2/EN 10217-7/EN 10312/EN 10357.
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Our Commitment

End-To-End Efficiency
Green Products & Production


Committed to excellence, we ensure our stainless steel welded tubes/pipes meet the highest standards of quality. Leveraging advanced welding technology and meticulous quality control practices, we source superior materials to guarantee durability and precision. Our products reflect our dedication to performance, longevity, and compliance with all safety and environmental protocols, fostering unwavering trust in our manufacturing excellence.

End-To-End Efficiency

Our manufacturing of stainless steel welded tubes/pipes epitomizes efficiency from start to finish. We select only top-tier raw materials and employ advanced welding technologies within an optimized production workflow, ensuring minimal waste and optimal output. Precision engineering and rigorous process controls underscore our commitment to quality, while our logistical excellence guarantees timely delivery. We pledge unwavering efficiency, delivering superior products with the speed and precision that our clients depend on.

Green Products & Production

Committed to environmental stewardship, our production of stainless steel welded tubes/pipes integrates sustainability at every stage. We prioritize the use of recyclable materials and implement advanced, energy-efficient manufacturing processes that adhere to strict environmental regulations. Through rigorous waste reduction and water conservation practices, we consistently strive to minimize our ecological footprint. Our focus on sustainable innovation ensures that we deliver high-quality, eco-friendly products that meet the evolving needs of our environmentally conscious clientele.

Our capability

Factory Area
We have 200,000 ㎡ area for our production.
Extruding Machines
We have 25 Extruding machines for the production.
Man power
We have 20,000 workers working in the factory daily.
Production capacity
100,000 Tons production per year.
Finishing lines
We have 13 finishing lines.

Our Advantages

Experience & Expertise
With a legacy of expertise spanning over two decades, our company stands at the forefront of stainless steel welded tubes/pipes manufacturing. Our skilled team boasts extensive experience and technical acumen, ensuring precision-engineered tubes that meet the highest quality standards. We employ advanced welding techniques and state-of-the-art technology to deliver products that excel in durability and performance. Adhering to stringent international quality controls, we are dedicated to providing our clients with superior stainless steel solutions crafted to exceed expectations in every industry application.
Competitive Pricing
We are committed to providing competitively priced stainless steel welded tubes/pipes without compromising on quality. Our efficient production techniques and strategic material sourcing allow us to offer cost-effective solutions. We harness economies of scale and maintain lean operations to ensure our pricing remains advantageous for our clients. Our focus on value-driven pricing is integral to our dedication to delivering exceptional products that meet rigorous industry standards.
Flexible Customization
As a specialist in stainless steel welded tubes/pipes, we are dedicated to delivering highly customizable solutions. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities allow us to adapt to specific client requirements, offering a wide range of dimensions, finishes, and stainless steel grades. Our engineering team collaborates closely with clients to ensure precise specifications are met with utmost precision and quality. This commitment to customization and attention to detail ensures that we provide not just products, but tailored solutions for diverse applications.

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